What do you think of this quote?

No one imagines that a symphony is supposed to improve in quality as it goes along, or that the point of playing it is to reach the finale. The whole point of music is discovered in every moment of playing and listening. It is the same I feel, with our lives; if we are unduly absorbed in improving…we may forget altogether to live.
-Alan Watts



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2 responses to “What do you think of this quote?

  1. I would go even farther on point 2. I would use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to desensitize any issues around the argument, including any triggers one discovers in one’s self.

  2. Anonymous

    As a survivor from a bad relationship, if the couple maintains a focus on RESPECT, there should be no problems..it could be love it the feeling is there, it can be friendship if ‘hanging out’ is all you want..RESPECT is the key to a long lasting relationship.

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