Heading to the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2011 in DC?

I invite you to come to OPEN SPACE – a chance to have your voice, share your passion, create a collective map and more. Friday or Saturday night, March 25th and 26th, from 7:30PM-9PM!

Why would we offer anything else at the end of a very full day?

As a day closes and a conference is completed— when you’re filled with passion, excitement, and rich new connections— where does all that energy go?

If it’s not caught and harnessed, oftentimes it will be lost.

OPEN SPACE is a forum in which you can raise your most burning thoughts, questions, and desires, and then invite others to join you.

This is NOT another prescriptive workshop or keynote presentation. With OPEN SPACE you create the program according to your needs.

As facilitator, I will invite you to share your most pressing interest, allowing you to state clearly how you most want to use the space. From here, others can select which ideas resonate with them most strongly, and then organically divide into sub-groups. This can range from debriefing about the conference to starting a new conversation, developing the vision for a collective project, forming a regional or local community, or even doing yoga, dancing or sitting silently together. Finally, we reconvene as one group for a communal sharing.

In this way, OPEN SPACE allows you to embrace the unplanned and the unexpected, channel the energies of the conference, and even create new possibilities for the future.



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