Business and Leadership Coaching: An Uncommon Approach

Business and Leadership Coaching: An Uncommon Approach

Typically, Coaching is a strength-based, results-oriented approach, which stays away from any in-depth psychological approach. Unlike most coaches, however, I integrate psychotherapy and coaching when appropriate, viewing them as complementary modalities. This produces a powerful synergy that can help you heal past problems and current crises as you move toward your visions and goals.

All “thought leaders” and highly effective people need to discover and develop a number of foundational strengths and skills that will allow them to manifest their true passion and expertise. These include:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Self-Care
  • Self-Management
  • Managing People and Projects
  • Having Your Voice
  • Public Speaking

Uncommon Coaching, which I pioneered by in 1997, works with the most cutting-edge coaching tools based on the body-mind-spirit connection and the power of the present, bringing the depth of psychological knowledge to coaching.

As you work with me, you will:

* Become more fully awake and effective in everything you do

* Learn to regain life balance, reduce stress, and translate change into possibility

* Articulate your vision, develop your strategy for achieving it, and be supported in creating your program for success

* Anchor your connection to your deepest self

* Address thoughts and feelings that keep you from achieving your visions

Increase your “bottom line”

Learn more about this at my website:

Business Coaching
Dr. Lynda Klau



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